Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE killer app for iPad

The alternate title for this post is: "A glimpse at the future."

PCs had been around for a while but not many people thought they needed one.  But then the "killer app" appeared and then everyone wanted one.  That app?  The Spreadsheet (namely Visicalc).  The Mac was languishing as a failed product idea... until its killer app fueled its famous growth.  That app?  Desktop publishing (namely Pagemaker).

Now that we have a new platform which has sold hundreds of thousands of units in its first few days, often sight unseen by its buyers, many are speculating on whether there is an iPad killer app.  Cases are being made that the killer app relates to media distribution, namely electronic delivery of tv shows and movies.  Others are saying that it's electronic books.  Others believe it's a collection of regular desktop and laptop apps that can now simply be used on a smaller, lighter and more intuitive device.

But I wonder if the answer to this question pertains to note taking, that thing we all do when we got to meetings, class, get ready to go food shopping, plan out our weekends... you get the point.  I'm a big note taker and have been using the amazing program Evernote for a long time.  It's a great way to store information, all kinds of information, on your phone, PC, or Mac.  The magical Evernote "cloud" keeps everything in sync so that all you enter at your home Mac will appear perfectly the next day at your work PC.  Being able to quickly look up information on your Blackberry or iPhone is invaluable and something I've found I can't live without.

Enter the new Evernote for iPad.  This 3 minute video will bore non-techies to tears and the kerplunky music will get under your skin.  Despite all that, however, I suggest that what you're about to see right here represents the future...

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