Monday, April 12, 2010

"iPad to the Rescue" AKA "The iPad Disaster"

Given my recent post about how the Apple iPad will move us toward a (nearly) paperless society, you'll note that I'm looking forward to receiving mine as soon as the 3G versions ship (still estimated as "late April").  

There have been a few times since being here in DC that I wished that I could have traveled with my future companion.  I had some prepared remarks for meetings on Capitol Hill and printed them out before leaving home yesterday morning.  Because I continue to work on them, I'm left with a set of sheets full of handwritten edits, cross outs and newly added text.  I can't easily print out a new version here and so I've been contemplating how this might have gone had I actually had an iPad with me.  I would have been able to make changes right on the device and then bring it with me to the podium today.  I could easily scroll through my notes for reference whenever I needed to make sure I was hitting the main points.  Who needs printing, I thought?  Who needs paper?  iPad to the rescue.

Well... wouldn't you know...

This morning, before heading via cab to the House office building, I decided to look at my notes one more time.  I placed them down on the glass top desk in the hotel room, whereupon sat my newly purchased "Ethos" Starbucks brand water bottle full of moisture from condensation.  I hadn't noticed the fairly decent sized puddle that I squarely placed the notes into.  A half hour later when I returned, I noticed the mess and saw many of my edits running down the page on the soggy sheets.  I decided to try to dry them out by the window, as this Blackberry photo shows.

Now had that been an iPad resting in a puddle for a half hour... total and complete disaster.

I can only hope my forthcoming actual field reports are more about rescue than about disaster.

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