Friday, February 19, 2010

What does it say…


… about an organization when so many great individuals spend so much of their lives working there?  Yesterday afternoon, we honored five individuals who retired after many years of service to the VNAB’s Hospice division.  Pictured from left to right: Dottie MacKay (Administrative Assistant,11 years), Marty Roberts (RN, 10 years), Mary Chase (RN, 16 years), and Millie Doherty (RN, 15 years).  Also retiring was Pat Rossetti (RN, 5 years) who is not pictured.  On the far right is Diane Bergeron, Hospice Executive Director.

At the gathering, I heard many great stories, some funny and some poignant, about careers dedicated to helping others.  About accompanying patients and their families during a most extraordinary time… a time of vulnerability and sorrow and loss.  A privileged time.

Best wishes to our retirees.  It has been our privilege to know you as friends and colleagues.  We will miss you.

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