Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quint Studer on Performance Management in Health Care

Quint Studer wrote the book. Literally. Click here for more information.

He was the speaker at this morning's pre-conference session. Here are a few of his pearls of wisdom.
  • In private industry, competitors don't share secrets (Apple doesn't describe its strategies and tactics to Microsoft) but in health care, knowledge transfer is considerable... and expected.
  • We don't push performance to the same extent in health care as do other industries. We tolerate poor performance to a much greater extent.
  • Finance people make the best CEOs. They live by objective goals and measure themselves and others relative to performance against those goals.
  • Health care suffers from the affliction known as 'terminal uniqueness"... and when confronted with benchmark data and best practices, we say things like "that won't work for us because we're different".
  • Health care undertrains its leaders, providing 6.5 hours of training per year for managers; Fortune 100 companies provide 55 hours per year.

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