Saturday, February 6, 2010

Conforming to our own standards...

It's not uncommon for companies to stress the imporance of complying with specific standards for usage of logos, all in the good name of brand protection.  I remember working for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care when ambitious and creative staff used to peel apart the name of the company from the famous red shield in the logo and use the shield as bullets in Powerpoint presentations.  It looked cool.  It drove the marketing people nuts.

As a pre-holiday message to employees at VNAB, I accidentally stepped into a micro-fray when I photographed the Christmas tree in our front lobby and captured the sign showing our logo in the background.  The original blog post is here, which led to a note from one observant commenter that our own logo was out of whack.  Here's the comment:

Why is it that the roof on the VNA logo is misaligned? The chimney should be aligned with the left two squares. Better question: Why has it been this way since the rebranding and never corrected?
Good question.  So we looked into it and fixed it.  Here's an excerpt from an email I just sent to all employees:
I received an interesting comment on my blog from someone who pointed out that our own logo on the sign by the front desk in Charlestown hasn’t conformed to our own standard. It takes a good set of eyes to see that the chimney was not aligned properly with the two leftmost squares in the logo’s home symbol. It turns out that the company who prepared this sign for us made a mistake… which they were happy to fix. And so, all is now right with our logo!
Thank you to the keen eyed observer who pointed this out to us and also to Jeff Smith for working with the company to get this fixed.
Sometimes it’s the little things…
Before and after:

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