Friday, February 12, 2010

Now refer to us on-line

Remember the first time you bought a book from Amazon? Downloaded music via iTunes? Purchased airline tickets from Expedia?

Increasingly, we're all getting more and more comfortable doing things via web interfaces. Actually, more and more of us are strongly preferring it. That's why some transactions, initially thought to be too complicated, too sensitive, too personal for internet processing have made it to the internet. And that's why increasingly we're taking out loans, buying cars and interacting with our medical providers via computer screens.

Recently, the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston launched a web-based referral option. It's available at and early data suggests that referring providers like it. Why? Easy, fast, and safe (fully HIPAA compliant).

For those of you who still prefer the old fashioned way, call us at 617-426-6630. We still have humans...

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