Friday, January 22, 2010

There’s a new face of…

buckner coakley

If you’re from Massachusetts, you understand this already.

Today, a colleague, Janice, mentioned these names together in the same sentence and I thought it was brilliant.  If you watched Game 6, then you know that the Sox had basically already lost it by the time the ball went through his legs down the first base line.  So, so many things had gone wrong already… but his face became The Face of that particular loss.

Twenty four years later, another stunning loss.  And by the time Tuesday night rolled around, so, so many things had gone wrong already… but her face has become The Face of it all.

History, for many years, was not kind to Bill Buckner.  But time and two Series victories have had a way of making most of us reconsider.  Martha Coakley, who has served well in many ways, will likely receive public clemency also.  But it will probably take some time.


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  1. Although both sides of the aisle agree that mistakes were made by Martha Coakley and her campaign, the foremost reason for her defeat was the arrogance and ineptitude of the Democratic Party as a whole. The American people want job creation and security; not cap and trade, a partisan healthcare bill and finger pointing to prior administrations; although the blame in some cases is warranted. There's plenty of blame to go around. Get over it. Sit down in a bi-partisam manor, prioritize our problems and fix them. I think Martha Coakley will soon be forgotten and I feel that it would be more appropriate if the picture beside Bill Buckner was a donkey. BW