Monday, January 25, 2010

Contact Governor Patrick

From an email sent to all VNAB employees and Board members:
Our friends from the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts have asked us to contact Governor Patrick’s office.  Please see this message from them below… and please consider doing so.  If you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to a very slick site where you can send a generic email (or personalized one) directly to the Governor.  Let him know that home care is part of the solution through reducing hospitalizations, preventing unnecessary emergency room visits, enhancing clinical outcomes and improving the quality of lives for citizens of the Commonwealth.  We’re going to be in a difficult budgeting season in Massachusetts and hearing from the home care community will make a difference!
Thank you,
From the Home Care Alliance of MA:
Contact the Governor!
It’s that time of year and a new message is posted on the Alliance website’s advocacy page.  The Governor and his staff are constructing their version of the budget, which will set the tone for budget deliberations for the legislature going forward.  Please take ONE MINUTE to visit the Alliance website to contact the Governor and ask that he preserve home and community-based services.  With a recent report from the Senate Ways & Means Chair revealing the state budget is down $1 billion from last year and will likely need to shed $1 billion more next fiscal year, it is vital that we begin our advocacy strong.

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