Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying put

I had been seriously mulling a shift from Blogger (Google’s blogging engine) to Wordpress (widely considered one of, if not the, best blogging site).  The reason?  The inexplicable lack of integration between Google’s Blogger site and Google Analytics – the site that allows you to track statistics associated with your blog.  As traffic has been building here, I’ve been able to understand roughly where the volume has been coming from based on the Blogger Dashboard, but Google Analytics provides a great deal more information (for example, if people find via a search engine, exactly which words are they using in their search?). 

It has required some technical gymnastics trying to insert html code into certain input boxes in the layout mode of Blogger and, frankly, it’s been frustrating.  In Wordpress, just the mere act of using their site gives you the stats you need to manage it.  Strange that Google is so far behind.

A Saturday morning conversation with this person did the trick, however.  Gymnastics completed and so I will discontinue the laborious task of porting content to a new blogging engine.

Here’s where I’ll remain.  For now…

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