Tuesday, January 12, 2010

P4P Home Health Compare

It’s our report card and in a health care environment increasingly report card oriented, how we do on it is important.  The whole concept of P4P (pay for performance) has been embraced by larger payers and the national health reform movement has soundly endorsed the concept.

Fazzi Associates compiles data for the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston as well as other Medicare participating home health agencies across the country and every month, on 12 key measures, we’re compared to the Massachusetts, US and top tier (upper 20%) US performers.  These measures include scores on items such as: percentage of patients who get better at walking or moving around (higher is better) and percentage of patients who had to be admitted to the hospital (lower is better).

I’m happy to report that the VNA of Boston consistently ranks among the very best home health agencies in the United States.  Please note that:

  • On 11 of the 12 scores, VNAB outperformed the industry average in Massachusetts and on the twelfth, it was a virtual tie.
  • On 11 of the 12 scores, VNAB scored better than the average of all US home health providers and again, on the twelfth it was even.
  • What about the top performing providers in the country?  The agencies who stand in the top 20% of all home health providers in the United States?  I’m happy to report that the VNAB performs at a comparable level or better on 9 of them and within a few percentage points of the remaining 3.

We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of our service and maintaining high levels of satisfaction.

There are a number of choices that referring providers and families have when it comes to home care services.  In Massachusetts, we have one of the very best in the country right here: the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston.

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