Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are all home care agencies the same?

Recently, I wrote a post suggesting that not all home care agencies are created alike.  That post (included here) pertained to the fact that some companies accept a limited and very choice (from a payment perspective) slice of the population while others, such as the VNA of Boston, serve all.

Well, not all home care agencies are created alike for other reasons too and those reasons relate to quality and outcomes.  This post is the first in a series designed to point out these differences across a variety of important and widely measured dimensions.  The graph above shows the improvement in pain for the patients we serve versus Massachusetts and US averages.  The red line shows the National figures while the pink one is for the state.  The top line (dark blue) shows that VNA of Boston patients fare significantly better overall than others when it comes to pain management for home bound patients.

What a great tribute to the skilled clinicians and supporting staff and managers here at the VNA of Boston.

I'll show results for several other measures in the coming days.  Here's a quick preview: they all show the same difference... VNA of Boston patients just simply do better!

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  1. Well.. As far as I concern all home care agencies are not same it depends on services they provide.
    So choose that provide best services.
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