Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Legend

You don't often have an opportunity to work with someone considered to be a legend.  I've been fortunate enough to say that I have.

From an email to all staff today:

After nearly 18 years of steering the VNA of Boston through many a financial storm, Ken McNulty is announcing his retirement from the VNA and his position as our Senior Vice President for Finance. Ken will be trading in his spreadsheets and picking up a tennis racquet at the end of November.

Although I have had only six months to get to know and work with Ken, it is evident to me why he is the first person people inquire about as I travel to national conferences. Ken is quite literally a legend in home health care. He has helped shape our reimbursement systems through active involvement and advocacy on both the Federal and State levels and has positively influenced legislation and regulation in our industry at crucial times in our history. It was Ken’s leadership that made the VNA of Boston one of the test agencies for the Prospective Payment system and it has been largely Ken’s efforts that keep us the only agency in the state to be reimbursed by Medicaid on a episodic basis.

Ken has actively taught and consulted across the country and his impact has been felt at home care agencies near and far. Ken has also always placed patient care and quality first and has worked hard to ensure that our clinicians and other staff have had the tools and resources needed to help VNA of Boston maintain its status as an innovative and influential leader in home care. Of particular note, last year Ken was awarded the first Founders Award by our local association, the Massachusetts Home Health Alliance, in recognition of his considerable contributions.

On a personal level, Ken has helped me to transition into this organization, always eager to add context, explain the historical significance and implications of various actions and decisions, and to provide valuable insight on a variety of topics. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and I will miss his presence within our organization.

The VNAB will begin a transition process during the next month. As part of this process, Judy Toy, Controller, will be attending many meetings with Ken and will work closely with him to help assure a smooth transition.

We will begin a search process this summer and hope to have the position filled before Ken’s retirement at the end of the year.

Please join me in congratulating Ken on a long and impactful career both here at VNAB and in the years preceding, when he served in many senior positions in both non-profit and for profit companies, as well as the U.S. Army.


  1. This blog is all over the place and I love it! Keep it up.

  2. I count it a privilege to have known Ken for well over two decades. At first, our relationship was that of a customer-vendor connection but I have come to view Ken as not only a colleague but also as a friend.

    I can second your comments about Ken’s leadership in our industry, as I know he has helped agencies in other states as they have lobbied to get episodic reimbursement from their Medicaid programs.
    Our industry will miss Ken’s smile, his friendly demeanor, and, most of all, his selfless leadership. Enjoy retirement my friend; you have certainly earned it!

    Keith Crownover