Friday, December 18, 2009

What can't you do on an iPhone?

I remember reading a review of the 3rd generation iPhone by "Wall Street Journal" contributor and blogger extraordinaire, Walt Mossberg. His take on the device was that not only was it a pretty decent cell phone, but more importantly, it was an exciting new platform... a platform developers would want to write programs for and which users would increasingly desire to use not as an ancillary computing device, but as their primary computing device.

Walt was right. And the thousands upon thousands of apps being distributed by the bucketload every hour of every day from Apple's App Store prove it. My most recent case in point? You're witnessing it right here and right now. BlogPress is an application that allows you to fully manage your blog from your iPhone. The possibilities seem endless as it's now completely possible to post at any time and in any place you can use your cell phone. Note that this post is my first attempt at blogging while taking my Lhasa Apso, Shadow, for his nightly walk.

And assuming I don't walk into a tree or get hit by a car, this could be pretty cool. Now if they would just write an app that would let you control the weather, both Shadow and I would be much, much happier right about now.

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