Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now that it’s inevitable

Big business in America is bracing for health reform and with the notable exception of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which is still calling for defeat of reform, most groups are lining up behind it and saying they want to work to improve it in the final negotiations of early 2010. 

Retailers are hoping for a longer delay before new employees quality for subsidized benefits.  Large employers want to revise the Medicare tax provisions that would limit earnings.  Small construction companies want an exemption from employee coverage.  Nearly all companies are concerned that new taxes and fees will drive premiums up, especially for smaller employers.  Though Democrats want to limit tweaking on the combined bill, expect the business community to continue to speak up.

The new taxes?  Insurance companies, medical devices, high income seniors, deluxe health plans and tanning salons will all be taxed.  If you are a well compensated, aging insurance executive who requires some type of medical device and enjoys tanning…

Never mind…

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