Friday, December 11, 2009

Going back to iPhone

In one of my first posts (click here), I commented on my frustrations with my new Microsoft Windows Mobile "smartphone". I even went out on a limb and likened my anxiety with the emotional roller coaster patients sometimes experience in our complex and frequently disconnected health care system. I described the iPhone as the perfect example of when everything comes together just so. The various parts (applications, operating system, hardware) work together. Simply. Reliably. Even beautifully.

Well, it's weeks later and the frustrations remain. Actually, it's worse as the phone increasingly has a habit of freezing right when a call comes in. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that that can be... disrupting. But, thanks to the some good work by our IT Department, relief is on the horizon. Blackberries are coming, and soon. Next week. I jokingly tell our CIO that my present phone has a date with the hard surface below the Lenny Zakim (if you're from Boston, you understand).

So, even with this... I must tell you that I've returned to the iPhone. I'll be one of those guys you see carrying two cellphones. On my Bat Belt, I'm sure. Why? I miss the functionality of the apps I once used. I miss the ability to quickly look information up on-line and to communicate easily with people I work with and family members. I miss being able to see when movies are playing at the local theater, getting walking directions to a downtown restaurant and being able to to jot down notes that will mysteriously, automatically and reliably synchronize over the air (Evernote) with the software I run in the office. The Blackberry is great, but it too is no iPhone. This is a costly move for me, I know. Maybe too costly and one I'll regret. But I don't think so. The iPhone, obviously, has got me and good.

If you're interested in this topic, you might find this article (click here) to be interest. The author details how Microsoft has really missed the boat when it comes to handheld technology and how the future will come down to an Apple vs. Google battle.

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