Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When David becomes Goliath

This was a fascinating and exceptional commercial back in the early 1980s when Apple Computer was trying hard to fight the massive market dominance of Microsoft and DOS/Windows-based computers.  Touting their "better" technology, they tried hard to combat the perception that the monolithic giant had played mind control tricks on the general public.  Here comes the bright, colorful, attractive, speedy, powerful... Apple to throw a wrench, or more specifically, a sledgehammer, into the face of Goliath.

A quarter of a century later, Microsoft appears to be back on its heels, fighting the internet juggernaut called Google and the technology maven called... Apple.  Apple's iTunes distribution channel is one of the most powerful and ubiquitous in the world.  Their iPhone just surpassed Blackberry in terms of world market share, iPad is the fastest selling device in history and Macbooks are beginning to outnumber Windows computers on college campuses.

Microsoft has got to be worried.  VERY worried.  Their Windows 7 OS has tried to correct the perception of mediocrity while they have focused on fixing their gaming system (XBox) quality control woes.  But, it is clearly struggling.  For them to survive (yes, survive), they need to correct the inadequacies of their technology first.  But then, they need to cast Apple as the new Big Brother and hit away.

Meanwhile, Google watches...

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