Monday, October 18, 2010

35 years ago... this very minute

Received a call from my brother tonight asking if I had any idea what the two of us were doing 35 years ago tonight.  Based on an announcement on the classic rock station in town (verified via a google search later), we were able to confirm that precisely 35 years ago this very evening, we attended a Boston Garden Jefferson Starship show.  Anybody remember Grace Slick?  

Stands out for me because it was my very first live show and I was rabid about the Starship, most especially about the particular song linked below (this vid appears to be an '80s rendition).  Memorable also because of the opening act.  This Boston show was just before they exploded.  Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had just joined the struggling Fleetwood Mac and released a new record.  I remember being impressed by the mysterious, swirling Nicks and the maniacal guitar playing of Buckingham.  I proceeded to buy their "new" self-titled album within days of the show.  That album stood for thirteen years as the longest running number one album on the charts.


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