Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love, hate... and the second experiment

It was always meant to be a grand experiment.  Me getting an Apple iPad, that is.  I'm an early adopter (I know, you noticed) and on the pages of this blog, I've written about the positives (such as here) and the negatives (here) of actually owning one of these groundbreaking devices.  Pros and cons aside, this was supposed to be a test.  And an easy one at that because I predicted that Apple's typically bare inventories would make selling off a mistake quite easy and painless.  Maybe even lucrative.

But the shorter and more immediate second version of the experiment was to simply stop using it for a week... a week that began seven days ago today.  I figured I'd simply stop using it.  Go back to life before, where I did quite fine thank you, and resume the simpler, iPad free existence.  So, I put it back into the box and tucked it away among the ruins of my basement office.  One week.  Piece of cake.

And though I wrote previously about how the gadget was fantastic, I just wasn't sure I needed it in my life.  It would not, after all, replace my cell phone or my iPod or my laptop.  It was, therefore, excessive and unnecessary.  A luxury item.

One week later, the iPad is right here in front of me.  I'm reading a book on it (finishing up "Tinkers" actually and getting ready to tackle ""The Innovator's Prescription"), managing my to dos, browsing the web, taking in the RSS feeds from Google Reader (highly recommended as a major league time saver), blogging, managing my on-line photo albums, and typing notes on it while in meetings. 

In short... I missed it.  I may not have needed it, but I missed it.  So, it's back.

If you see me, I'll be the one carrying the cell phone, iPod, laptop and now, the iPad... with all associated connectors, adapters and other periphery.  I know, I should be home cleaning that office.

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