Thursday, July 8, 2010

From an email to all VNAB employees....

Case managers, physicians, planners, and administrators routinely make decisions regarding where their patients obtain follow-up health care services. As you know and as we often discuss when we’re together, there are a lot of choices in home care, hospice and private care out there. Clearly, we need to demonstrate that the right choice is the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates.

But does extra effort actually matter?

Here are some examples of when the extra effort of our colleagues is making a difference… and demonstrates that we are the right choice.

Pat Miles, case manager at Harvard Vanguard, recently called to describe the efforts of Julie Kelly, RN. In Pat’s words, Julie has “done a really excellent job, following up consistently” and put forth a “herculean effort.” Maureen Verduccio, MGH senior health case manager, recently told us how much she appreciated the work of Maryanne Thibeault, RN and Robin Grossman at MGH Charlestown recognized the efforts of Tina Dalli, LPN. Barbara Renzullo, MGN Charlestown, called to give an overall “job well done” message, acknowledging the great care and compassion we provide to their patients.

Julie, Maryanne, Tina – thank you for all you do! To all our great staff who help differentiate the VNA of Boston and give health care decision makers good reason to entrust their patients to our care – thank you!

It does matter.


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