Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is a public health dental hygienist?

Here's an important initiative sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  VNA of Boston's own Barbara Belony is a member of the Senior Oral Health Working Group and appears a few times in this video.


  1. I agree so much that public dental hygientist are needed more than ever.I have been in health care for over 10 years and have see so many seniors afraid to leave the facility to have dental work done.I also have a family member who has had medical conditions caused from poor dental hygiene for over 10 years in senior care.
    Thank you. The video was a pleasure to watch.

  2. A lot of seniors really care about their appearance, and in particular about how their teeth look like. That's why the profession of dental hygienist is quite demanding these days!

  3. I am a public health dental hygienit and we are very proud of the progress made in Massachusetts
    If anyone needs or knows of anyone in need of services
    Please contact me:
    Cathy Grinham RDH
    Executive Director
    Visiting Dental Associates of MA LLC