Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving from still to moving...

Accomplished still photographer, Trey Ratcliff (check out his exceptional website here) has discovered the movie function on his digital SLR camera.  Once thought of as marketing wizardry only, the video capabilities of still cameras are now being uncovered by creative artists.  Trey recently visited Japan and as he was out and about in the various urban and rural regions of the country, he captured snippets here and there of action, motion.  Later on, he sewed them together, set the piece to music and put it all up on Youtube and his own site.  And it's causing a sensation... while inspiring still photographers (like me) to push the video button on their SLRs more often.


  1. Incredibly artistic and yet still a sense of 'still'. I would like to see you do something like this.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. I'm working on it... stay tuned!