Thursday, March 18, 2010

Didn’t see this one coming…

Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch has declared that he is voting against the President’s health reform package, stating that this bill doesn’t go far enough in holding insurers’ feet to the fire.  According to an interview he gave the Globe:

“We’ve paid the ransom, but at the end of the day the insurance companies are still holding the hostages,” Lynch said in an interview with the Globe early this afternoon. “This is a very good bill for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. It might be good for Nebraska, I don’t know. Or Florida residents…But it’s not good for the average American, and it’s not good for my district. Or for Massachusetts.”

This despite intense and constant pressure coming from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the President himself. 

Some are speculating that Mr. Lynch is preparing for a Senate run against Scott Brown or that he is just worried about holding onto his current seat against an anti-incumbent tide.

In any event, I think this is fairly shocking and might not bode well for Democrats who are worried that on-the-fence House members and especially Senators might tip the wrong way.

Representative Lynch was due to meet with the President this afternoon to discuss his new position.  What would you pay to be at that meeting?

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